Our Services

Our Services

Uvuna’s services are tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our primary objective in all that we do is to assist our clients to integrate sustainability into the core functions of their business. We achieve this via our various workstreams which are described further below.


Let us help you define or refine your organization’s sustainability strategy or supporting policies. We can further support you to implement the strategy as part of our Management System service offering.


Our training services include developing and delivering programmes aimed at upskilling Executives & HSEC professionals in all matters relating to sustainability.

We also regularly present guest lectures and assist universities (e.g. through hosting students for practical experience) as part of our personal objectives of contributing to society.


We provide our clients with the sustainability expert advise needed to help them achieve their business objectives.

We can also act as your sustainability experts / representatives on projects you’re evaluating and/or implementing.


From developing your risk registers with you to reviewing or overhauling your risk management strategy and policy, we have you covered.

Our experts also provide technical input related to the identification and mitigation of sustainability risks.

Due Dilligence

Surprises are not always nice! We use our knowledge of sustainability issues to identify and quantify risks which could materially impact financial transactions or internal restructuring plans.

Audit and Assurance

We will give you an independent, objective perspective on how you’re progressing in your journey to manage sustainability.

Our experience includes auditing and providing assurance against international standards (e.g. IFC), legal and permit requirements and company-mandated policies and requirements.

Impact & Technical

New developments require a host of environmental approvals prior to commencement of the project. Our years of experience as the applicant in these processes means that we know exactly what you need out of an EIA to add the most value to your project and to give it the best chance of approval by regulators and stakeholders alike.

We also undertake specialist technical assessments to management specific risk areas e.g. surface flood management plans.

Mine Closure &

Begin with the end in mind. Our innovative and practical approach to mine and facility closure plans helps you manage and reduce your end-of-life liabilities in cost-effective ways throughout the operational phase of your asset.

Together with our partners, we are also able to design and implement rehabilitation programmes on site.

Our Sectors

Our work takes us into a range of sectors. Uvuna’s highly experienced professionals apply their knowledge of sustainability considerations across these sectors.


Our agricultural services include responsible land stewardship, soil conservation and amelioration, responsible grazing practices and reduction of contamination on productive land. We have vast experienced in the development of land use plans that consider land use alternatives with the aim of improving land use and land capability. 


Our industrial services encompass a range of land-uses and their effects on the landscape. From planning for linear infrastructure (such as pipelines or railway lines), operation of harbours or metallurgical complexes, Uvuna has broad experience in this sector. We not only consider current impacts but how processes such as climate change can effect the viability and resilience of the sector.



Our mining portfolio includes all aspects of sustainability which can affect or be effected by mining. We service the entire lifecycle from pre-conceptual to mine closure and have serviced mines that extract the following commodities:

Our Disciplines

Our knowledge of sustainability is rooted in a solid understanding of a spectrum of disciplines. We draw on this knowledge and that of our broad base of associates to ensure that our clients receive the best quality advise and deliverables.

Legal and Permitting

SD Project & Programme Management

Management Systems


Land Stewardship

Climate Change

Surface Water


Air Quality

Waste Management


Liability Estimation

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