About Us

About Us

The word uvuna comes from the Zulu language and means “you reap”. We chose this as our company name as we believe that organisations which embrace the principles of sustainability in all aspects of their business will reap the rewards thereof. Reaping is not a unilateral process however, as it relies on the quality of the inputs. Businesses that invest in managing and embracing sustainability considerations will find that there are a number of significant business benefits that result. Some of these include improved relationships with governments and stakeholders; enhanced licence to operate; continuity of business processes; cost savings; improved reputation; and reduced environmental footprint to mention a few.

Uvuna Sustainability comprises individuals who have had extensive experience in managing sustainability issues on mining and industrial operations around the world. We have worked at the site / factory level as well as at business unit and corporate level in multinational companies. Our experienced professionals comprise Uvuna staff as well as a wide network of Associates who work with us on a project-by-project basis. Our goal is to assist our clients to embed sustainability considerations into their business in a manner that ensures that the business reaps the benefits of this integrated business model.

Our operating model allows us to be flexible and tailor our services to meet the needs of clients whilst maintaining the highest quality standards and pride in all the work we do.

Meet our Team

Teresa Steele-Schober (M. Env. Mgt)

Managing Director 

Teresa has worked extensively in the mining industry as an environmental and sustainability professional. In her role as founder and Managing Director of Uvuna Teresa has drawn on the expertise gained throughout her career to add value to our clients’ businesses. Teresa’s broad range of experience additionally includes linear developments, industrial complexes, harbours and agriculture. Through managing environmental and sustainability issues hands-on at site level to writing reports for corporate executive committees, Teresa has learnt how to work effectively with the full range of disciplines and organisational structures the exist in multinational organisations. An experienced facilitator, Teresa enjoys working with groups to identify and understand the sustainability and business risks their organisations are facing and to then develop solutions to better manage these. Teresa’s experience includes international projects spanning Africa, Australia, Europe, Ireland, North and South America.

As Chair of the South African Guideline for the Reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance parameters within the minerals industry (SAMESG) Committee, Teresa works with other industry experts to improve the quality of mineral reserve determinations and valuations in light of ESG modifying factors. During her tenure as Chair, SAMESG was awarded the prestigious United Nations International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR) Honours Award in 2019.

Teresa is due to complete a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy (MELP) from the Vermont Law School (USA) in 2020. As a passionate advocate for fundamental organisation change in the face of a changing clime, Teresa opted for the climate change stream of her MELP at Vermont which has been consistently rated as the top environmental law school in the USA.

Ralton Maree (MSc)


Ralton Maree has more than 20 years of experience in the sustainability discipline within the mining industry, where he has developed a robust understanding of sustainability issues throughout the mining value-chain and lifecycle including exploration, projects, operational and mine closure environments. Ralton’s sound understanding and hands-on experience of implementing legislative and corporate performance standards and requirements; operational environmental management; mine closure rehabilitation planning; and on integration of disciplines into Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001). Ralton applies his project management and co-ordination skills to facilitate and improve risk management throughout the mine lifecycle. Ralton’s experience includes international work experience within corporate, operational and consulting environments.


Marline Medallie

Principal Specialist

Marline has more than 11 years of experience in the field of Environmental Management primarily in the mining sector. She has extensive experience in public participation, project management and environmental report writing for environmental authorisation, waste management license, and water use license application processes including integrated waste and water management plans and environmental compliance auditing. Marline has worked extensively across South Africa and her commodity experience includes coal, diamonds, gold, iron ore, manganese and platinum. Marline‘s strengths lie in her solid scientific and practical background, and ability to adapt to and learn from various projects. Marline‘s interests include basic-, marine- and terrestrial ecology; conservation; management of the environment and environmental project management.


Dr. Sarah Gordon (PhD, CIRM)


Sarah has worked in a number of areas including risk and assurance, safety, sustainability, business divestment, technical operations, and tech Startups.  The majority of her experience comes from her time working within the mining sector.  In 2014, Sarah left Anglo American to co-establish her own risk consultancy and training organisation (www.satarla.com)  which focuses on providing organisations with simple, practical and effective tools to implement risk management.  To date, Sarah and her teams have worked with software, mining, agricultural, hospitality, and financial companies, as well as with charities and governments. These organisations range in scale from regional to multinational and all require a fast and practical approach to managing their risks.  In 2014, Sarah was a contributor to IRM Thought Leadership paper on Extended Enterprise Risk that looked at practical tools and techniques for understanding and managing risk in extended and complex enterprises.  She has also contributed to a number of industry leading papers and focus groups on topics such as leading indicators and responsible mining assurance. Sarah is an honorary visiting lecturer at Imperial College London and an IRM public and in-house course trainer. 

Bouke van’t Riet (M. Eng) (Pr. Eng SA)


Bouke is a mining engineering consultant and owner of Arundon Mining Solutions Oy, Finland (www.arundon.com). Arundon provides mining consulting, mine planning, operational mine planning, project evaluation, and related mining engineering solutions to the industry. Through its “Green Mining Business Model Concept” Arundon strives towards raising the bar on Mining Safety, Health, Environment, Community, and Sustainable Development planning within the industry. Bouke has worked extensively as a mining engineer in the mining industry in South Africa, South America and Europe. He has additionally undertaken mine planning review audits, been involved in numerous project feasibility studies, undertaken due diligence evaluations, evaluating technologies to improve mining safety and undertaking research into alternative mining methods. 

Tandi Reilly (MA)


Tandi recent work experience has been as a social specialist undertaking socio-economic impact assessments and coordinating resettlement planning and implementation for mines in South Africa, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Zimbabwe. She has more than eleven years’ experience in undertaking social impact assessments, and developing social management plans for the mining industry. Her work has included undertaking socio-economic surveys; engaging with key stakeholders; facilitating public consultation meetings; and assisting mines with developing management plans, information systems and procedures to manage social risks and project impacts. In 2011 Tandi partnered with Surveya Global to develop cutting edge mobile technology to undertake scientific surveys using tablets to improve data capture, analysis and report writing. For the last 2 years she has been managing a large scale community relocation in the Northern Cape of South Africa.

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